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HCL has brought Notes and Domino roaring back to life with a solid, stable v12. RightSize can help your company get licensed so you can easily upgrade and once again enjoy the power, security and flexibility of Notes and Domino.

  • Stability, security and features you love about Notes and Domino upgraded by HCL to today's standards

All the features you loved from Lotus and IBM have been improved with V12. HCL is also refreshing their companion products including Verse, Sametime IM and Sametime Meetings and Nomad.

V12 includes a long list of "must have" features such as Active Directory integration including centralized ID file password synchronization, improved TLS and SSL key management, 2FA and TOTP and customized server builds for container environments.

  • Simple Pricing

HCL has made licensing easier! If you are current with your Subscription & Support (S&S), we can quote your renewal, but if you have allowed your S&S to lapse, we can get you up and running quickly.

For companies not currently on S&S, HCL uses a Fixed Term License model. This is similar to Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, Adobe and many other software vendors. In this model, your company has right to use the licensed products for the license period, but does not give you a perpetual license (you are not allowed to use the product after the end of the licensed period).

No more counting CALs, trying to understand PVUs, justifying clusters or development servers, the "Per user" license covers it all.

RightSize offers two types of fixed term licenses for Notes and Domino: CCB and CCX.

Complete Collaboration Business (CCB) licenses are needed for authorized users. They may use any client, any protocol and any server capacity for mail and applications. The CCB license includes a long list of companion products such as Verse and Nomad, which are defined in the license document. Contractual and temp employees need CCB licenses. "Guests" access is included at no cost. A guest is typically a visitor to your website, which may post content like blog entries with a max ACL of author when anonymous, or reader access with "write public documents" when logged in.

Complete Collaboration eXternal (CCX) are authorized users in your address book who don't work at your company such as suppliers or customers or web visitors who need full functionality. CCX can use full features of Notes and Domino at "editor" ACL but can't have mail files.

In addition to CCB and CCX for Notes and Domino, RightSize can quote HCL licenses for Volt, Sametime Premium and other products which are not included in the CCB/CCX licenses.

If your company has kept your S&S current, RightSize can quote your renewal. If you have allowed your S&S to expire, we have options to get you back up and running!

  • Continuous development - Multiple updates per year

Version upgrades have always been best-in-market, and HCL continues this excellent tradition with in-place updates for Notes client and Domino servers. New ODS versions with better speed and larger capacity, externalized indexes and new maintenance commands bring Domino up to date. Improved meetings now work nicely with Google and you can use Active Directory as your authentication source. This and so much more to love!

  • New and improved tools and support

Designer gets new tools and improved Java support while continuing to support @formulas, LotusScript, and Java code. What other platform does this so seamlessly? HCL has some exciting add-on products for low-code rapid development too.

HCL Notes and Domino. It's what your company has been waiting for. It's ready for business.

Contact us today to get a quote for the licenses. Let us know if you want some help with the upgrade too!

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